Medical Malpractice Law

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Medical Malpractice

Doctors spend years studying and training to learn everything about the human body and how to treat and heal the almost infinite number of illnesses and injuries that can afflict their patients. Physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals are highly educated and skilled, dedicated to helping and healing. But they are also human. That means they can and do make mistakes or errors in judgment. Tragically, these failures often come with catastrophic consequences.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans suffer every year from avoidable medical mistakes. In fact, if medical malpractice were a disease, it would be an epidemic. Only heart disease and cancer kill more Americans yearly than preventable medical mistakes. In 2016, Johns Hopkins University researchers concluded that medical errors kill 250,000 every year. That is almost 700 deaths every day – and 700 families left in shock and grief, wondering why and how things went so horribly wrong.

When those charged with healing cause harm because they failed to follow the appropriate standard of care or otherwise breached their responsibilities to a patient, they may face a medical malpractice claim. That claim may be the basis for the recovery of compensation for the losses and suffering caused by medical negligence.

Rebuilding Lives Shattered by Medical Malpractice

The New Jersey medical malpractice lawyers at Ansell Grimm & Aaron are fiercely committed to those whose lives have been shattered by medical malpractice. With the focus, experience, and resources needed in these complex cases, we help our clients understand what happened and why, stand by them as they navigate the challenges caused by a preventable illness, injury, or loss, and fight tirelessly for compensation, accountability, and justice.

Medicine is complicated, and not every bad outcome is the result of a mistake. Knowing whether a medical error occurred can be daunting, requiring knowledge and training that most people, including most attorneys, simply do not possess. Recovering compensation for such mistakes also requires a level of courtroom skill and legal acumen that can only come from experience.

The firm’s broad experience with medical malpractice cases has armed us with the resources needed to pursue these matters effectively. We are allied with teams of medical experts and other professionals who can provide critical insights, and we work seamlessly with them to craft the strongest possible case.

Experienced Representation for All New Jersey Medical Malpractice Claims

Ansell Grimm & Aaron provides seasoned and committed representation in all medical malpractice matters involving every type of injury or outcome, including:

  • Birth injuries.
  • Misdiagnoses and failure to diagnose.
  • Surgical mistakes.
  • Anesthesia errors.
  • Medication errors.
  • Hospital errors.
  • Emergency room mistakes.


If you have concerns that you or a loved one has suffered due to a medical mistake, we provide the answers, assistance, and guidance you need. Our extensive experience, record of success, and compassion for those victimized by avoidable medical errors have made Ansell Grimm & Aaron one of New Jersey’s most trusted medical malpractice law firms. Please contact Brian Ansell, chair of the firm’s Medical Malpractice practice group, to arrange a consultation.

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