AGA Hosts Cannabis Roundtable

ANSELL GRIMM & AARON, PC hosted a Cannabis Roundtable on May 11, 2017, including representatives from various business sectors supporting the cannabis community. The goal of the Roundtable was to offer a suite of services to clients providing total support in each sector and easing an otherwise very challenging entry into the cannabis marketplace (particularly on the East Coast).

Participants included:

  • Ed Keating, a co-founder of Cannabiz, which is the most comprehensive source for U.S. marijuana licensing information acquiring and maintaining up-to-date data on over 16,000 marijuana licenses in the Cannabiz Media Database.
  • Frank Salluce and Dave Smokler, the co-founders of 420 IT Solutions, which is the leading provider of business advisory and IT advisory services for the cannabis related businesses.
  • Max Meade and Billy Roberts, with Brown & Brown Insurance, which provides total policy coverage for cannabis, hemp and CBD operations, including: general liability, product liability, excess liability, property, crop, equipment breakdown and workers comp.
  • Tom Corbo, of Shure Grow, which provides hydroponics, lighting and related equipment for personal and commercial cultivation.
  • Joshua S. Bauchner, Esq., Michael H. Ansell, Esq., and Anthony D’Artiglio, Esq. of the firm explained how members of AGA’s Cannabis Law Practice Group can assist with corporate formation and governance, licensing, leasing, financing, litigation, and regulatory compliance.
  • Greg S. Gargulinski, Esq., a criminal defense attorney also with the firm, explained the intersection between state and federal law, and advised applicants on how to protect against a background check revealing dated, unknown, or de minimus issues which may compromise licensure.
  • AGA clients intending to apply for licensure when the application process is reopened also attended, connecting with those who can support the establishment of a dispensary and grow house in accord with New Jersey’s tiered license structure.

ANSELL GRIMM & AARON, PC’s dedicated Cannabis Law group has an in-depth understanding of the laws both specifically and generally related to cannabis production, sale, use, regulation and legalization and our attorneys are here to help individuals and businesses of all sizes and any stage of development plan for a successful future.

For additional information, please visit our Website and follow us on Twitter @THCCounselors where we provide frequent updates on legal and business developments in the cannabis space.

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