Brian Ansell on The Jon Schultz Podcast: The Myth of Overnight Success

Brian Ansell: See the big picture on both sides and find the common ground

Growing up in a family of attorneys that debated over the dinner table, Brian Ansell became accustomed to speaking up to be heard. His interest in law stemmed from a desire to help others and the realization that he had witnessed this firsthand through his family, particularly his father and uncles, as well as other attorneys in his family’s social circle.

As a child, he had a shy personality, but as he grew older, he challenged himself to overcome his apprehension about being in public and commanding a room. With hard work and perseverance, he graduated law school and became president of the Monmouth County Bar Association, a position held by his father and grandfather as well, all while working and eventually taking over the firm his grandfather founded in 1929.

Preserving the legacy of a multi-generational family firm has its peaks and valleys; Join me as we hear Brian Ansell’s take on his path to succession and the difficulties and triumphs that come with managing a family company and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.